8 Important Tips on How to Cancel Netflix Accounts, HBO, and More.



The epidemic makes people tempted to cancel their Netflix accounts or another one. Let’s face it: some of us are so busy these days – with epidemics, presidential elections, and attempts to overthrow the government – that we’re not paying enough attention to what we’re subscribed to (and what we’re paying for). Especially now, with more and more streaming services competing for our attention, it’s easy to opt for a trial subscription or decide to subscribe for “just a few months” and then forget about it altogether. Meanwhile, your credit card gets charged every month.

So it might be a good idea, especially if your income is a little tight, to check out your current streaming subscriptions and throw out the ones you haven’t used in months. (Unless you’ve got a particularly good deal – and that’s rarer and rarer these days – you can always resubscribe if there’s something on the service you’d like to watch). One thing to be aware of: When you cancel a streaming service, you may have to go through several pages or pop-ups urging you not to cancel or at least to settle for a cheaper (and usually less feature-rich) version. According to the BBC, several lawsuits from organizations such as the Norwegian Consumer Council and Public Citizen in the US actually claim that Amazon’s Prime cancellation process manipulates consumers into keeping their subscriptions. So get ready!

Here are some of the more popular streaming services where you can cancel.