Disney Plus Group Watch: A great new feature

Group Watch Disney Plus

Disney plus has rolled out Group Watch. It is a very unique and interesting streaming tool. Most importantly, it will let you watch your movies at the same time as your family and friends. Considering the current world circumstances, you can watch a movie with people you can’t necessarily be with. The trailer posted by Disney on their official Twitter reflects the principle of the Group Watch. And that kind of highlights what you’ll be able to do.


How does Group Watch work?

Watching TV with friends from a distance is not necessarily a new idea or concept. However, this is the first time we’ve seen it on a major streaming platform. It’s a really cool and intriguing idea. The way it works is as follows. To get started, open the Disney plus app and website you’re watching it on. Then Click on the title or movie you want to watch. To the far right of the play icon, you’ll see an icon with three characters. You’re going to want to tap or click on it. Then a link will appear allowing you to purchase up to six other people to watch this with you.

Disney Plus Group Watch’s Price

For this feature, you will need a $ 6.99 per month subscription. The same for everyone you are watching it with. So just because you subscribe to Disney plus doesn’t mean you can send an invite to someone who doesn’t. To watch it together, you will all need to be subscribers.

Once you add all the people you want to watch the movie with, click on Start Stream. Once the flow starts, any participant can press pause, forward or backward. And everyone can also react in real-time through the Disney plus app with different emoji. They gave us: funny, sad, angry, scared, or surprised. The emoji and the name of the person who sent them will display at the bottom of everyone’s screen.

Disney Plus Customer feedback

People have been expecting a little more than an interactive feature. They want some chat customization capability or maybe some form of webcam. Especially since most computers, TVs, and phones that people watch Disney Plus already have a computer and microphone set up.

Obviously, this can be extremely complicated. But, that’s what people said they wanted from this feature so far. Regardless, it’s exciting to see that Disney + is making strides in connecting people. The reason is that coronavirus took that from many. Moreover, they can add a chat box where you can enter different opinions and thoughts in real-time.

It will be cool if we could type and text. Then to say what I think about what’s going on with the people I’m watching the movie with. For others, it might be quite boring, but the idea of ​​the future is to connect people. This is nothing new. However, this is the first time we are seeing it on these major streaming platforms. It is very likely that we will see this pop on HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and other platforms.

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