Is DirecTV or Xfinity the best TV streaming platform?


DirecTV and Xfinity are two of the leading TV providers in the United States. That’s great and all, but it doesn’t really help you choose between the two. So we’re going to take a close look at the prices and packages, strengths and weaknesses of each provider.

Pricing DirecTV vs Xfinity

Generally speaking, Xfinity is more expensive than Direct TV when it comes to TV services alone, and Xfinity excels at bundling. The first thing to note is that DIRECTV’s advertised pricing is a little more transparent than Xfinity’s. That’s not to say that there aren’t still some things to take into account, but with DIRECTV, what you see will generally be closer to what you ultimately pay for.
Specifically, the price of the DIRECTV sticker includes an awesome DVR plus installation, and you won’t see broadcast fees or HD access fees as separate items either. They are included in the monthly cost. There are only 2 exceptions to that that I want to point out now.

First of all, the regional sports fee (749), which you’ll find at all the providers I know of and which is usually this price. Second, a one-time activation fee from 1995, which is not really the same thing since it is not permanent like the other fees, but I will mention it anyway.

All those fees I mentioned, you will see them with Xfinity and they can have a huge effect on the end result of your monthly bill. So, the deal is closed, right? Well, yes and no.

Yes, DirecTV is apples for apples, it will be the cheapest option. Although the price increase in the second year may be substantial. However, due to the nature of the beast of burden that is satellite TV, we will have a much harder time getting rid of long term contracts. So, if you opt for DirecTV, you are locked in for two years. The Xfinity contract is for one year only if you choose to have one. For a few extra dollars a month, you can opt for an option without a contract with Xfinity. Yes, it’s an extra charge to add to the list we had previously, but at least you have that option. And it can save the lives of tenants or anyone else who doesn’t really want to commit.


The other thing to consider is bundling. In terms of pricing, Xfinity TV services will be much more bundled than they are separate. In terms of pricing, at least if you get both television and the Internet through Xfinity, it’s much more attractive. But if you’re looking at TV-only options, then yes, DirecTV puts Xfinity to shame.

What are you paying for?

But now let’s talk about what you pay for. Both Xfinity and DirecTV will be largely broadcasting similar channels with similar packages of course. Especially in the lower level packages. However, I will say that DirecTV has the best package with its first broadcast package. It has the largest number of channels of all the packages. You get a premium channel package that includes a great DVR and the NFL Sunday Ticket Max for each season. If you’re a sports fan, then here’s the deal: DirecTV gives you access to NFL Sunday Ticket while Xfinity can give you the NFL Red Zone supplement. Just for the fun of soccer, I recommend Sunday Ticket over the Red Zone. However, the Xfinity channel line-up includes many interesting sports programs, such as Olympic sports.

Ultimately, therefore, we have to declare a winner in this case when it comes to a stand-alone TV service, choose DIRECTV. Their price is not only lower but also more transparent. Yes, there is the issue of a contract to consider, but if you are willing to commit, you will get a good price. But I want to repeat what I said earlier, we’re talking about a stand-alone service here. If we’re talking about groupage, Xfinity is actually on the verge of DirecTV in our book, so that’s the first question you ask yourself, whether you are into group or not.