Is twitch the new YouTube?


Streaming is a hobby, a career, an avenue for creation, and an open door for opportunity. it began as a fun pastime for most and has quickly spiraled into the main entertainment channel for millions of people. There are many different platforms to stream to with many different types of content being broadcasted but by far the most popular one is game streaming on Twitch.

Definition of Twitch

Twitch is a website where people from all over the world can broadcast themselves or a video game they ‘replaying to the platform for people to see. It’s just like a YouTube video except it’s live. People who do this are known as twitch streamers. Twitch is mainly a game streaming platform but over the years it’s been opening its doors to all types of content like crafting, painting, singing, and even chatting.

Sign in on Twitch

Having a go at streaming on Twitch it’s super simple to do. The very first thing you need is to create an account then you need something to stream from. You can stream from your mobile, your tablet device, a Mac, a console or laptop, and of course a PC. A streaming qualified PC needs to be able to play the game at the regular quality and still have enough performance in the CPU to be able to stream. So in theory you can stream to twitch right now and it will cost you absolutely nothing. But if you want a good quality stream, you might need to invest in the right specifications.

Once you have your system, you’re going to need some accessories. These are totally optional and you can definitely string without them. They are going to improve your stream quality significantly and easier streaming experience.

When you have your accessories sorted, you’re ready to download and install a stream of software or apps (CHECK OUR ARTICLE ABOUT TWITCH APPS HERE). It will help you get online and start broadcasting, like Streamlabs Open Broadcast Software (OBS). So far, you put your system, you’ve got your accessories, you’ve got your software and you’re ready to go live.