Lists of the best twitch apps per categories


Since Twitch’s inception in 2011, there are many apps to help you make your feed more interactive with your audience. So it’s important to make sure your feed is enjoyable and there are plenty of tools you can use to distract your listeners and viewers. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of Twitch tools: apps, chatbots, and extensions to help you get more interaction and gain more followers.

Streaming program/recording software (Twitch apps)

  • Open broadcast software (OBS): It is the most used streaming software on Twitch because it is free (open source). It has many features, but you can create or integrate many already developed plugins:
  • OBS-Overlay: a tool that allows you to customize your overlay.
  • Snaz: a tool to display a countdown
  • TeamSpeak 3 plugin: add an overlay for TeamSpeak 3

Twitch apps: Calendar / Schedule Grid

The Twitch Calendar Tool lets you create and share your shows with Improved visibility, a watchlist for your subscribers and viewers, easy to use, only requires a few clicks. Moreover, you can add your calendar to your website with a simple embed code.

Twitch overlay apps

It is a source of high-quality overlays and graphics.

  • Twitch Designs: is a streaming platform with over 200 overlays!
  • StreamPro: Add graphics, alerts, and animations to your Twitch stream in minutes. Accept donations, engage your viewers, and personalize your entire environment.
  • Strexm: Dynamic and modular, gives you over 50 excellent quality overlays, all dynamically editable on any device, without the need for graphic retouching.
  • Free Video Game Backgrounds: On this site, you will find free video game backgrounds that are completely royalty-free.

Twitch Donation Services

  • StreamLabs (TwitchAlerts): This allows you to create a live pop-up when you receive a donation from your viewers. StreamLabs also includes a progress bar indicating your donation goals.
  • StreamTip: a tool to collect donations from your spectators.
  • Donation-Tracker: Not very common, used by a few streamers, it has similar features to the rest of the services.

Cat and robots

  • MooBot: Twitch moderator bot with a Moocat administrator (very popular). Free, no download or installation required.
  • NightBot: This bot has the standard moderation functions. In addition, there is music extraction from SoundCloud or YouTube as polling and drawing functions, monitoring of chat statistics.
  • DeepBot: A great tool with lots of features, apps, and uses (point system for your regular viewers and advanced controls).
  • BetterTwitch TV (BTTV): This popular Google Chrome plugin enriches Twitch for chatting with a ton of new features like custom emoticons, night mode, message highlighting, polls, Google Translate, and make the interaction easy.

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