Remember David Hasselhoff from K2000, You Won’t Believe When you See Him Now

1. Jennifer Aniston (Friends)

Is it really necessary to introduce Jennifer Aniston? The iconic Rachel Green from Friends (1994-2004) has come a long way since the 90s. The actress has shone in films and starred in many successful movies.

Jennifer Aniston is a true queen of comedies (How to Kill Your Boss? The Millers, Family in Need…) and romantic comedies (Bruce Almighty, Polly and Me, Marley and Me…), but she has also made a name for herself in independent films (Good Girl, Friends for Cash, Life of a Criminal…).

2019 marked her big return to TV, with The Morning Show on Apple TV+, where she gives voice to Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.


2. Alyssa Milano (Melrose Place/Charmed)

If Alyssa Milano first rose to fame in the ’80s thanks to her role in Madame is in Distress, the actress broke through in the ’90s with not one, but two cult series: Melrose Place (where she starred from 1997-1998) and Charmed (1998-2006).

After several unrealized series projects and appearing here and there (Earl, Breaking In), in 2013 she became one of the heroines of Mistresses, for two seasons. She also hosts the reality show Project Haute Couture: the finalists compete against each other. Activist Alyssa Milano was behind the #MeToo movement on social media in 2017. In recent years, fans of the actress could see her in Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later and Insatiable. In 2019, she also reunited with her fellow Witches castmate Holly Marie Combs in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

3.Tom Welling (Smallville)

Our little Tom Welling has grown up nicely. It’s rare to see Superman with salt and pepper on his chin! After Smallville, he starred in Cheaper by the Dozen and then alongside Kevin Costner in Draft Day. Today, he’s involved in The Choice and also the Lucifer series.


4. Jennifer Garner (Alias)

Jennifer Garner, who came to the attention of the general public with the series Alias, is now making movies while juggling her family life. If Jennifer Garner has been in the news in recent months, it is not for her professional projects but for her divorce from the father of her children, Ben Affleck. Despite everything, Jennifer Garner has managed to seduce producers after the end of the series. After playing in the cinema in roles of action heroines (Daredevil or Elektra), then in comedies (30 years or nothing or Juno), she decided to turn more towards independent cinema since the early 2010s. We could see her in The Pickler Family (2011), Dallas Buyers Club (2013), Men, Women, and Children (2014), Danny Collins (2015), Wakefield (2016), or Love, Simon (2018).


5. Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills, 90210)

In 1990, Jason Priestley became Brandon Walsh on the now-iconic series Beverly Hills, 90210, where he starred until season 10, where he made a special guest appearance in 2000. After that, the actor joins the cast of Tru Calling: Countdown in 2004, until the end of the series the following year. Jason Priestley then continued to appear in TV series and roles in TV movies. He has also excelled as a director, having already proven himself on Beverly Hills 90210 and directed an episode of the 2008 spin-off Beverly Hills 90210: The Next Generation.

6. Bryan Cranston (Malcolm in the middle)

Bryan Cranston, the star of Malcolm, also starred in other successful series such as The X-Files, Walker, Texas Ranger, and even Baywatch. Today, the actor has made the transition to the movie screen, playing the lead role in the series Breaking Bad from 2008-2013.


7. David Boreanaz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel)

The man who wowed millions of viewers in the late 90s as the vampire Angel in Buffy, the Vampire Slayer has been given his own spin-off series. From 1999-2004, David Boreanaz was the star of Angel.

It didn’t take long for him to make a comeback, as a year later he landed the role of FBI agent Seeley Booth in the series Bones alongside Emily Deschanel. The series has been a success with critics and audiences alike and runs for 12 seasons. David Boreanaz also lent his voice to the DC Comics Character Green Lantern in the animated film Justice League: The New Frontier. As of 2018, he stars in the military series SEAL Team.

8. Janet Jackson

During her younger years, Janet appeared in several TV series, including “Good Times”, “The Jacksons” and “Fame”. Nowadays she is best known for her music, but she has also spread her wings and become a spokesperson for Nutrisystem.

9. Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City)

The year 1998 was a year of celebration for Sarah Jessica Parker, as she portrayed TV and fashion icon Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. After six seasons, the actress turned to the cinema – she had already starred in feature films (such as the cult classic Hocus Pocus) – and in particular the romantic comedy genre (Family Spirit, Playboy to Grab, Where Have the Morgans Gone?).

But above all, she continued to play Carrie Bradshaw, this time on the big screen, in the film adaptation Sex and the City, the first part of which was completed in 2008 and the second in 2010. While a third Sex and the City film was in the pipeline for 2017, the project was eventually canceled. After starring in the series Glee, Sarah Jessica Parker made a strong comeback in 2016 in the HBO series Divorce, which exposed her.

10. Alfonso Ribeiro (Fresh Prince)

In addition to Will Smith, Alfonso Ribeiro was also made famous by the series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The famous Carlton Banks even caused a stir in 2014 by giving a second life to his famous dance, on the show ‘Dancing with the Stars.

Many of the Fresh Prince’s cast, unfortunately, did not bounce back much in the film or TV world. Alfonso Ribeiro, who accused Fortnite of plagiarising his dance, used his dancing talent to take part in the American show ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and establish a solid reputation for himself, which he is now exploiting in various game shows. She had the opportunity to do her own Carlton dance in the cast of the dance show.

11. Gary Coleman “Whatchu talking bout Willis

Gary Coleman was a child star of the TV series Diff’rent Strokes when he became known for his catchphrase “Whatchu talking bout Willis?”. “After the end of the series, Gary starred in several TV movies and cameos before his untimely death in May 2010.


12.Martin Laurence (Martins)

After his famous roles in “Do the Right Thing” and “House Party”, Martin Lawrence became a real star. Martin was, of course, one of his best-known projects after these early successes, but it wasn’t the only one: Lawrence starred in many successful franchises of the 1990s, including Bad Boys and Big Momma’s House. For Lawrence, however, things took a dark turn towards the end of Martin, to the point where he was described as the author of a “career-destroying manual”.

Lawrence was hospitalized several times in the late 1990s, falling into a near-fatal three-day coma in 1999 after running in extreme heat. He then slowed down his acting career slightly, but recently returned to the screen in Bad Boys for Life. He has reportedly signed on for a fourth ‘Bad Boys’ film, but very few details have emerged.

13. Tisha Campbell

Tisha Campbell has played the role of Gina to Martin, intérêt amoureux et l’épouse éventuelle du personnage titulaire. Elle est à peine apparue dans la dernière saison de la série après avoir désigné Lawrence comme un harceleur sexuel en série et avoir conclu un accord qui a séparé les deux acteurs pendant le tournage. Sans surprise, la cinquième saison de la série est devenue célèbre pour ses fréquentes explications sur la raison pour laquelle la femme de Martin n’est jamais là.

14. Eddy Murphy

The “SNL” stand-up star and block comedy actor played Prince Akeem, but he also portrayed several other supporting characters in the film, marking the first time Eddie Murphy played more than one role in a single film — something that became a trademark of his movies. Although Murphy promised never to work with director John Landis again, he personally asked Landis to direct Beverly Hills Cop 3.


15. Cherie Johnson

Cherie Johnson played herself in the comedy series “Punky Brewster”. She also appeared in the series “Family Matters” as Maxine Johnson. In 2009, she wrote and produced her own film titled I Do…I Did! Cherie continues her acting career, playing roles in several series including Fanaddict, Guardian of Eden, and others.

16.Tatyana Ali

From 1995-1996, Tatyana Ali played the role of Ashley Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. After the series, she embarked on a music career, releasing the album Kiss the Sky. Tatyana also continued as an actress, playing roles in a number of films including Nora’s Hair Salon, Glory Road, Hotel California, and Love That Girl! She also acts as a producer.


17. Amanda Bynes “All That”.

“What a Girl Wants”, “He’s a Man” and “Hairspray”. After starring in “Easy A”, she announced her hiatus from acting, but then withdrew from acting. However, she enrolled in fashion school. In a 2017 interview on “The Lowdown”, Bynes expressed her desire to return to acting.

Since then, some problems have followed. She was caught drink-driving in 2012. A year later, she was detained for a mental evaluation after setting a fire outside her home. After posting increasingly false accusations on Twitter in 2014, Bynes disclosed that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She then sought treatment for a drug problem and has now been sober for several years.

18. Freddy Prinze Jr.

Freddie Prinze Jr. met his wife when the two of them starred in the film I Know What You Did Last Summer. He starred alongside her again when they played Fred and Daphne in the film “Scooby-Doo”. Mostly he has stuck to TV roles, including brief parts in “24” and “Bones”. He also lent his voice to the animated series “Star Wars Rebels” and is rumored to be starring in the upcoming “Punky Brewster” reboot.

19. Chuck Norris

The timeless star of the “Walker, Texas Ranger” series has become… Chuck Norris continues his career in action movies with a role in Expandables 2: Special Forces. The actor, however, suffered two heart attacks in July 2017, which caused him to slow down.


20. David Hasselhoff(K2000)

David Hasselhoff is the star of Baywatch and K2000 and has had a successful career. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, you won’t recognize David Hasselhoff. Is there a more cult figure than this always impeccably hosted actor? Frankly, we don’t think so. Above all, David is an idol of the small screen: we discovered him in K2000 as the modern-day vigilante KITT, with his sharp tongue at the wheel of a car, and then he confirmed his talent in Baywatch with his role as a lifeguard running in a slow-motion… And then what? Not much, you might guess. And what’s more: with 13 studio albums to his name (not counting countless compilations), David is also a singing superstar. Well, especially in Germany, where he is considered a demigod, but still.