Top 5 free movie streaming websites.


In this new era of streaming platforms, most services require a subscription and additional fees if you want to take advantage of other features. However, there are few reliable free streaming platforms that offer free movies and TV shows. I said reliable because there are many free streaming platforms for movies or music that can do more harm than good, such as stealing your data. So I made this list so you can choose the best free movie sites.

Here are the best movie streaming sites in my opinion. Before entering the movie sites, there are two things you should know if you have never done this before or if you have never watched movies online. The first thing you will need with most of these sites is adblocking software. I use the U-block that blocks most of the ads on the site, but there will be pop-ups that you can’t avoid. So you’ll need to be relatively comfortable spotting ads rather than avoiding them.

The second thing you need is a VPN without logs. If you’re in the US, UK, or Canada, the rules are getting stricter and stricter in this area and you’ll definitely end up needing it. To be sure, I would go for a VPN without logs. The one I use is IP Vanish. I’ve been using it for about two years now.

  1. https://cine.to

For the number 1 free movie site, you have CINE.TO. It’s a fairly recent website, as far as I know. What I like best about this site is that you can filter by what’s just come out in the movies. So you have to keep in mind that the more recent the film is, the poorer the quality. You can also search for films that you can filter by genre, by rating, and also by year.

  1. https://www.streamlord.com/

At number 2, we have STREAMLORD.COM and this one offers free movies as well as TV series. You can also make an account and favorite movies. The interface is a bit similar to Netflix. You can scroll down the page, you can see the latest featured movies, recently updated movies, and TV series. It is also possible to search for any movie.

  1. https://flenix.com/

Then we have Flenix. Again, it’s a very nice website. It looks good and it works quite quickly. You’ll find free movies, TV shows, new episodes and you’ll have some soon. Flenix also has its own trends page that it updates with fashionable movies.

  1. https://solarmoviez.ru/

We have solar movies. I’m not sure this is the original. This platform has been around for some time and there are many copies. But it hosts TV shows and movies or you can search for a movie. They also have the best ones that are on IMDB, which is very useful if you want to find a well-ranked movie. You can also filter by genre, by country and you can also request those free movies if you want.

  1. https://www1.1movies.is

Finally, we have 1movies and there again you can search for movies you can see, genres, latest movies, series and TV shows. You can filter by top IMDB and these have a top view as the movies that have been the most-watched on their website.