Which OTT is better: Netflix or Amazon Prime?


Netflix and amazon prime are the two engines of online cinema and streaming. They both contain and produce a large number of programs, with separate libraries that provide you with just about everything you need. But for those of you who can only choose one, we look at several factors when comparing Netflix and Amazon prime, TV and movie catalogs, and accessibility, among other things.

Netflix and Amazon movies

Perhaps the most important thing to compare is the actual size and quality of the film and entertainment service catalogs. After all, if you’re not interested in what’s on offer, it’s not worth paying for. If it were a pure numbers game, Amazon Prime would be the winner with a total of 53,000 movies available to watch on its service. Netflix, on the other hand, has only 3,432.
However, numbers don’t tell the whole story. Of Prime’s movies, 46,000 are unrated. This means that a movie is too obscure to have received an MPAA rating. It can also mean that a given film was too explicit for the senses. Netflix does not have a single unclassified film in its catalog, suggesting that there is a little more quality control.

Netflix and Amazon Shows

Amazon Prime Video Intro to 2021

Amazon Prime also has over 13,000 TV sessions at Netflix is 2,795. When it comes to famous series, it’s pretty much neck and neck. Amazon Prime offers shows like The Sopranos, Star Trek Picard, The Boys, and Fleabag. Netflix offers Stranger Things, Ozark, Narcos, Bojack Horseman, Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, Tigger King Community, and many others. The lists really go both ways with tons of old and new content.

Amazon Prime and Netflix Subscription worth

Amazon Prime Video is available for rental in large quantities and in high quality, but you do not need to be a subscriber to access it. However, It can offer many additional benefits. With Netflix, the payment model is quite simple. There are three levels of Netflix price plans and they are listed below. Netflix is not a bad investment. But with Prime video, on the one hand, you can access the Prime video library for $8.99 a month. You get the full subscription which includes access to a large library of books with unlimited Kindle, Twitch prime which often includes free games, and premium music like Spotify.
The Amazon Prime video really proves to be great value for money as part of a larger Amazon Prime subscription. If, however, you’re not likely to be able to use these extra benefits, the Netflix catalog is probably better and for only a dollar more per month you get full HD quality streaming.

Popularity between Amazon Prime and Netflix

Netflix is so popular that the application is often ready to be integrated into smart TVs, game consoles, and game consoles with many TV remotes that have a dedicated Netflix button for direct access. This is not the case with the Prime video application. Some older Smart TV models do not have this application.

Browsing for the 2 platforms

In terms of browsing the libraries, neither of the two services allows searching by gender, which would be welcome. Netflix bypasses this by having a search bar where you can type in the genres or actors you are looking for. While top-tier videos usually scroll you through until you find the genre you’re looking for.

In terms of collection and video quality, Netflix steals the show from me as it continues to produce award-winning TV shows and movies. If, however, you are a regular Amazon buyer and the fact that the premium video comes with a premium subscription that includes so many extra benefits, from streaming music to eBooks to same-day or next-day online shopping, then a full premium subscription for roughly the same price as Netflix is a no-brainer.